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You can find our studio at 3622 Main Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. At Condesa, we help you to design & create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry that is as individual & unique as you are! No matter the occasion or event – our jewelry creations are as varied as our customers tastes.

Condesa Jewelry Expertise opened their Vancouver studio in December 2017. Each piece is designed & created in-house by jewelry designer & GIA certified gemologist David Ciralsky, who boasts over 27 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Contact us & let’s create your unique masterpiece.

Engagement Rings

Each love story is unique, when you’ve found the one you love, you just know it! What you & your partner have is priceless – Celebrate this everyday! Show that special person what they mean to you with a one-of-a-kind, timeless, custom-made engagement ring that speaks from the heart.

So, before you go on one knee to pop the question, come to Condesa to discuss the numerous design options available to you & let’s start building the perfect engagement ring! There is nothing more meaningful than a unique engagement ring designed exactly how you envisioned it.

Wedding Rings

Some of life’s greatest things come in pairs! Your wedding rings are one of those, they’re as special as your wedding day! Celebrate your endless love by creating personal custom designed wedding rings for each other; rings that will stand the test of time throughout your journey of life together.

The process of creating your wedding rings involves the combination of beauty & design alongside your individual personalities & preferred tastes. There is nothing more meaningful than custom jewelry designed exactly how you envisioned. A truly unique gift that both of you will wear & cherish forever.

Major Life Events

One thing we all have in common as we journey through our lives, is the major life events that we experience. Each person will have their own unique story & people to share their lives with. The memories of these special moments spent together burn bright in our mind now, but may start to fade in time.

Creating a custom one-of-a-kind jewelry piece allows you to capture & preserve these moments. Whether it’s the celebration of the birth of a baby, marking a special milestone birthday or remembering & honoring a loved one who has passed – These major life events deserve to be commemorated.

Love & Romance

When you are deeply in love with someone, that feeling of pure love that you receive from your significant other & knowing that they choose to walk on this journey through life with you – that is truly one of the most beautiful things in this world. That loving feeling really does make the word go around!

Each day of a relationship is a day to be celebrated, but some occasions such as Valentine’s Day, engagement proposals, weddings & anniversaries – deserve to be marked. Creating a custom jewelry piece for the one you love is the greatest gift you can give, encapsulate your romance with a one-of-a-kind piece.

Events & Occasions

With an ever-growing circle of friends, family members & work colleagues, we have lots of special events & occasions to look forward to attending throughout our lives. Life achievements, such as graduating from university or retiring from your workplace, these are occasions that should be marked.

The list of celebrations that we will encounter each year is a long one! However, the gift of giving is not just relegated to Christmas & wedding gifts. There are many special moments in our lives that deserve a personalized custom jewelry piece, a truly unique gift, designed & created exactly as you envisioned.

Condesa Jewelry Cloud

Did you know that we created a cloud platform for our customers that is robust, secure & customizable to their needs? We give it away for free, forever – a space where you can create, store & collect all your design idea’s.

Also, being a member on the cloud means you are the 1st to know about limited offers & deals. It’s a free-to-use collaborative design space. Win Win! Looking for ideas for your jewelry design creation? Why not check out our Pinterest or Instagram pages to view some of our custom jewelry pieces.

Custom Jewelry Design

Condesa Cloud Platform

We created a cloud platform for our customers that is robust, secure & customizable. It is free, forever – a safe space where you can create, store & collect all your design idea’s. A free-to-use collaborative design space!

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