Amethyst is the well-known and universally loved purple variety of quartz. Revered in Greece and Rome for its healing powers and worn by royalty throughout the ages, amethyst has been a historical favorite across the globe. The purple color arises from color centers in the stone caused by naturally occurring irradiation that affects trace elements of iron in the SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra crystal structure.

Amethysts’ color ranges from grayish-violet in lower-end crystals to reddish-purple and even to a deep saturated purple in higher-end stones. Color zoning is also very common in this variety with lesser quality stones presenting white and purple areas. Stones without any color zoning are generally considered to be of higher quality.

While most of us see amethyst as faceted or cabochon gems in commercial jewelry, it is not uncommon for it to form into enormous, spectacular geodes nearly 10 feet tall! Amethyst is believed to inspire courage, when worn it would bring out the highest, purest aspirations of humankind. Italian astrologer, Camillo Leonardi claimed that amethyst removes evil and negative thoughts to improve intelligence.

Amethyst was originally mined in Russia until the mid 19th century when large deposits were found in Brazil, which continues to dominate the production of this gemstone. More recently, Argentina, Uruguay and especially Zambia have produced high quality production of this gem. Closer to home, Thunder Bay, Ontario also has mines that produce beautiful gem quality amethyst.

If you are interested in creating a unique jewelry piece incorporating some stunning amethysts. We have a huge selection to choose from and we can source any type of gemstone you require, if amethyst is not your favorite gemstone! 

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