Bracelet & earring repair are common jewelry repair requests. These items tie your look together & help you create your own style. But they often fall into disrepair & as a result, need some attention.

Wearing a beautiful bracelet or a set of bangles. Perhaps a delicate pair of stud earrings or statement drop earrings. These jewelry pieces can really add the finishing touch to any outfit. They are both definite go-to accessories. Especially when you are trying to achieve your own look & style.

Often a bracelet link will break, or a cuff will be misshapen. Other times your earring post could snap off or you may want to convert clip earrings to a different style. Whatever the issue is for both your bracelets and earrings, at Condesa we have the fix.

Specializing in the restoration, resizing & reshaping of bracelets, bangles & cuffs. Including repairs such as the replacement of clasps, links & catches. As well as the restoration, repair & renovation of earrings.

We use state-of-the-art laser welding and expert artisanal techniques to complete these repairs. We will restore the functionality to your treasured jewelry pieces. No matter the bracelet & earring repair. We have the solution at Condesa. Contact us today & let us get those jewelry pieces shining again.

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