We feel an archetypal connection, when we hear the clinking of bangles, bracelets & cuffs. It is undeniable & at a subtle level, puts us in touch with our humanity. We love the versatility & options that these wrist adornments offer for design possibilities. 

When it comes to custom jewelry, there is nothing more meaningful than a personalized piece. The exciting journey from an idea in your head to a custom piece on your wrist is well worth it! Taking part in this journey is easy with Condesa.

You can be confident knowing David, our jewelry designer, has over 25 years experience. He is also a certified GIA gemologist & an avid gemstone lover. We love creating jewelry that really matters to you. Jewelry masterpieces that resonate with who you are.

Designing & creating bangles, bracelets & cuffs is no problem. No matter what the style or shape is. Elaborated in silver, all karats & colors of gold, & platinum. Designs, such as texturing, smoothing, hammering or stippling – You name it! We will design it for you.  

Contact us today with your design ideas. Depending on the custom piece you would like to create, we can hand fabricate or use 3D design technology.  You let us know what suits you best. Let us take this journey of creation together. 

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We just want to take a moment to remind you - that we create only Custom Jewelry Pieces and that items on our website are representative of items which we have created for clients or we have decided to sell on our web store. If you do not see something you like just reach out to us with your query or some examples of what it is your looking for and we can create it! - We can work with you to create that custom piece or any other jewelry related service you might require. Thanks again for visiting us