Today, December 7th marks two years since we opened Condesa Jewelry Expertise. Now, seems like a good moment to reflect on all the changes, challenges and blessings we have experienced. It has been nearly three years since Monyca and I moved to Canada from Mexico City. Where we left behind a lifetime of friends, family, and livelihood in order to escape the growing violence, which had unfortunately touched our family directly. It has been quite a challenge moving somewhere so different from what we were accustomed to, but Canada has been very welcoming, and Vancouver is definitely starting to feel like home. Not surprisingly, running a business in Canada is rather different from operating in Mexico. In Canada everything is straightforward, honest and no nonsense. Clients and suppliers have been positive and very supportive of our venture. I really appreciate this. In Mexico I dealt nearly exclusively with large-scale jewelry production, with very little contact with the people who actually wear the product. By far, the best part of operating Condesa Jewelry Expertise directly open to the public on Main Street has been the opportunity to interact with so many interesting customers. It is a real pleasure to be a part of the story behind the jewelry that I am creating. So, on this second business anniversary, I would like to thank all of our clients, employees, friends, especially Monyca and Gala without whom getting Condesa up and running would never have been possible. A big thank you to Vancouver and Canada for opening your doors to us and giving us a chance to form a part of this great country.
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