Inheriting a family heirloom jewelry piece from your family members is always a beautiful thing. Over the years fashion has changed a lot, so those jewelry pieces may not suit your current style & tastes. This is a common occurrence, many of these jewelry pieces are vintage & only require some light customization’s or restoration work.

At Condesa Jewelry Expertise, we take the jewelry pieces you don’t wear & renovate them into something you will love to wear every day. Keeping memories closer. During a consultation with GIA gemologist David Ciralsky, we will discuss all ideas & concepts which will help us to bring together an initial plan. From there, begins the wonderful journey from the concept piece to a custom renovation of your treasured piece. As with all jewelry renovations, we will carefully examine the piece – metals & gemstones for any faults, defects and access the overall condition of the original piece.

Custom Rings to Earrings Renovation
Our client brought in two 18K yellow-gold diamond & sapphire rings that she never wears. After discussing options, we agreed that creating an asymmetrical pair of earrings was the best choice.

First, we took apart both rings down to their components to see what original material we had to work with. After looking at several stone configurations, we settled on an idea & proceeded to make a sketch of the design. After the client approved of the basic design, we proceeded to make a CAD drawing of the earrings.

We also made a few renders to visualize how the finished earrings would look when complete. Following approval of the renders presented, we created a 3D print wax model & casted the settings in the original 18K yellow gold provided. Finally, the last stages were to assemble the stone setting & a final high polishing.

Custom Earring to Ring Renovation
A customer brought in a broken vintage earring. During the consultation I noticed that the earring was made from silver, diamond chips & green glass in the center, an eclectic mix of materials that makes any rework delicate. She mentioned that she wanted the bottom part converted into a ring & the top & middle sections left as a functional earring.

First, I filed off the broken jump rings & noticed that the top & middle sections had nice matching geometry. I welded the pieces together & it looked fabulous. Then came the work of creating a double wire ring shank at the bench, carefully welding them into place with the laser thus keeping the glass & diamonds chips unheated & secure. A broken earring turned into a stunning earring & ring set.

Custom Earrings to Ring Renovation
A lady brought in a pair of 1950’s yellow-gold earrings which she had inherited from her grandmother. During our consultation she mentioned how much she loves her grandmother, but she disliked the overall style of the earrings. Based on her jewelry preferences we decided that creating a custom designed ring would be the way to go. The first step was to disassemble the earrings into components.

We arranged & re-arranged the components several times until we found a configuration she liked. We then sketched the basic shape of the ring & added milgrain to the edges to retain a vintage look. We showed the client the sketch & she approved. The next step was to 3D model the ring shank & frame into which all the components would fit.  This was particularly challenging since the curvature of the components was inconsistent & the original setting of the diamonds would not permit manual bending.

We 3D printed the ring shank & frame, cast it in 18K yellow gold & cleaned it up. Then came the meticulous work of laser tacking all the components into the frame & then soldering in place.  Finally, we polished the ring & added in the milgrain detail. The finished custom-made piece was beautiful & a complete hit with the customer.

No matter what jewelry pieces you have to work with, no matter the metal or gemstones, Condesa Jewelry Expertise can renovate & create everything jewelry! If you cannot make a decision, our GIA gemologist David Ciralsky can walk you through your options.

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