I have been designing, developing, manufacturing and repairing jewelry for over 27 years, working with and learning from some of the world’s best designers, artists & artisans. I started into the jewelry trade in Mexico during the early 1990´s making large silver electroformed jewelry, as that was all the rage back then. As jewelry trends began to change and designs got smaller, I decided to learn the art of casting to work with a wide variety of precious metals – silver, gold, platinum & palladium – each with their own unique nuances and design possibilities.

In my search for jewelry design perfection and manufacturing precision, I was put at the forefront of digital integration way back in the early 2000’s – a pioneer in the use of robotics, lasers, CAD and 3D printing in jewelry.

But what is jewelry without gemstones? The colors and varieties of gemstones available makes a jewelry creation all the richer. Over the years, my fascination for crafting designs drew me towards the study of gemology and receiving a G.G degree from the prestigious GIA.

I opened the doors to the Condesa Jewelry Expertise store on Main Street in 2017, since then I am happily settled in Vancouver and enjoying all that beautiful British Columbia has to offer.

What I love the most about jewelry, is how it makes the wearer feel, whether it’s a family memento restored to its original glory or it’s a custom designed engagement ring created from scratch – each customer has their own story to tell and new memories to make.

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