Magical Moonstone is a popular phenomenal variety of feldspar. Like garnets, feldspar refers to a large family of stones. Some presenting phenomena, such as labradorite, sunstone & of course, moonstone.

Billowing blue cloud showing in moonstone is known as adularescence. Due to light scattering between microscopic layers. Allowing you to see light rolling across the gemstone. Changing from different viewing angles. 

Sourcing of moonstone was first discovered in Mt. Adular, Switzerland. With the term adularescence later deriving from this region. Moonstone is known to many, especially in the white variety. However, you will find this gemstone in grey & peach colors also. These gems are also seen presenting asterism or chatoyancy.  

So, what is Opalite Moonstone?

Sellers sometimes try deceiving people with opalite. A synthetic glass that is made to look like opal & moonstone. This simulated stone is not a natural gemstone. Often referred to as opalite moonstone, sea quartz, or opalite quartz. 

During the art nouveau period, moonstone was a popular choice for jewelry designers. Regaining popularity again in the 1960’s. Due to its ethereal look. This look was a leading factor towards the widespread use in new age jewelry again, during the nineties. 

Holding many benefits for the wearer, believing moonstone to be a bringer of good fortune. In fact, there are many areas of the world where they believe moonstone alleviates fears associated with change. Promoting a calm mood in the wearer is also a common belief.

We have a wide selection of gemstones at Condesa. Including magical moonstone! David Ciralsky, our GIA gemologist, has been ethically sourcing gemstones for 27 years. There is no problem in sourcing any gemstone you may require. Sounds interesting? If you want to create a custom piece, get in contact with us! 

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